Rolling Road Project Property Acquisition - From Village News 4/23/2020

Rolling Road Project Property Acquisition – Morgan Perez (Rolling Road) received a certified letter from Bowman Consulting; re: scheduled property inspection. The rest who own Rolling Road property should have also received the same type of missive.


We have had two lawyers reach out to the village with offers to invest their time to help prepare us (RR homeowners) for what is now about to happen. Morgan spoke again with Mr. Mike Coughlin (703/680-4664) on Monday and signed a letter of engagement with his firm Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh PC). The other (Kevin DeTurris, 703/293-7235 of Blankingship & Keith) offered to take a portion of the difference between what VDOT would offer you and what they got from them as their fees.


Mr. Coughlin is still willing to discuss the issue via a Zoom meeting about eminent domain and how getting representation might help. He will provide an informative slideshow followed by a Q&A. If you aren’t comfortable with that, Morgan is happy to answer questions in a less formal setting like a FB video or something similar. 


If you are interested in the Zoom meeting and willing to grant permission for Morgan to provide your email address to Mr. Coughlin then respond to this enews (even if you previously responded) and include also your preference for which date works best for you. Mr. Coughlin is looking at evening on 4/27, 4/28, or any night after 4 May.