MTZ Roofing Contractors Inc.

MTZ Roofing Contractors Inc. (Guillermo Martinez) - Very honest and reliable! Rob & Lisa Wolfe (Vancouver) had two roof repairs, (not by Guillermo) and continued to experience leaks. Both of those contractors were found using NextDoor.


Guillermo had installed gutters for the Wolfe family in November and did an excellent job. We had him take a look at the roof and he said, “it’s bad, but maybe you could get another year out of it.” 


Last month when we got the really heavy rain it was coming in the upstairs hallway through the door leading to the attic. Ridge vent was leaking this time. Glad it’s finally been done right! 

Guillermo came highly recommended by our friends in Burke. He’s completed work for several of their neighbors as well. 703/801-9914,

Business Name
MTZ Roofing Contractors Inc.