Membership Meeting Minutes of October 12, 2017

Call to Order – 7:30 p.m. by President John Cooley in the Rolling Valley Elementary School Art Room.

Minutes from Last (May 2017) Meeting – Secretary Ed Wyse – Handout of minutes provided.  Had vetted minutes with those who attended and then posted minutes on the civic association website.

Financial Report – Treasurer Liz Greene – see attached

Committee Reports:

1.      Membership – Julia Hale – renewals total 190 with another 60 committed

2.      Directory – Kirby Myers – due to be published in January

3.      Village Crier – Long time editor Larry Mark is moving on. In view of the large number of residents now receiving the E-News (weekly email broadcasts), the Board of Directors has decided to eliminate the paper newsletter (The Village Crier) that was distributed thrice annually to all residents.  Instead a more informal print product produced with extracts of the E-News will be produced and delivered periodically only to those who do not receive the E-News.  Implementation details are to be determined.

4.      Website – Bob Havey, webmaster, has rebuilt the website to be easier to navigate and to maintain than was the previous version.  Send him suggestions for further improvements and your stories and pictures of life in the village.

5.      Neighborhood Watch – Jeff Carter – passive, neighbor-watching-neighbor only

Old Business: None

New Business:

Calendar of Events (Look for changes and updates in the Village E-news):

  • ·         29 October - Halloween Party & Village West Pool Chili Cook Off, 4:00 p.m. at Village West Pool parking lot. This is a change from the Community Directory

  • ·         7 November – Election Days

  • ·         14 – 23 December - Holiday Decorating Contest Judging; report winners NLT 23 December

  • ·         16 December (tentative date) - Christmas Party – location TBD. Santa normally arrives to give pre-positioned gifts to children. Expect Christmas Caroling to precede party.

  • ·         Early January –Community Directory published and distributed.

Audit Report – see attached audit report.  Jason Henry and Chris Stevens audited the financial records of the past fiscal year, signing their report on October 8, 2017.  Members ratified the audit report by voice vote.

Proposed Budget for FY18 – see attached budget proposal. In discussion a questions were asked:

·         There is no expense line for the village directory because advertising fees paid directly to the printer offset the printing cost. 

·         A Village Crier expense line is maintained to cover the expense of the alternate printed/mailed product that replaces the newsletter.

Members approved the proposed budget by voice vote without markups.  

Election of Officers (Board of Directors). The floor was opened for nominations. The only nominations received were for the incumbents. The slate was approved by voice vote. The officers are:

President, John Cooley | Vice President, Don Hale | Secretary, Ed Wyse | Treasurer, Liz Greene.

In addition, Kirby Myers is serving on the Board in the role of Past President, there being no past presidents able to serve. Other association positions (Executive Committee) are appointed by the Board of Directors; no changes were made at this meeting.

Status of Rolling Road (RR) Project from VDOT:

  • “Undergrounding” utilities has been rejected.
  • Using ponds on the golf course for stormwater management system has been rejected.
  • The start of Phase 1 (add a second left turn lane on northbound Rolling Rd at Old Keene Mill Rd) has been postponed to the spring 2018 after determining that property acquisition will be required.
  • Phase II (remainder of the widening project) is to start in 2021 but property acquisition should start much sooner.

Program – Virginia House of Delegates 42nd District Candidates Forum.

At 8 o’clock the meeting participants moved to the cafeteria to hear from the candidates for the House of Delegates: Democrat Kathy Tran and Republican Lolita Mancheno-Smoak. While the forum was open to the public; civic association membership constituted approximately 80% of the audience. Each candidate gave a brief opening statement, both then answered questions from the audience, and then each made a closing statement.

Adjourn –9 PM

/s/ Ed Wyse, Secretary


Brian Beardsley | Laura & Mike Bentley | Jeff Carter | John Cooley | Mattie Couples | Bill Daugherty | Liz Greene | Jen Guernsey | Don & Julia Hale | Hugh Harrison (from Kenwood Oaks -- not a member) | Jason Henry | Adriana Hernandez | John Hoffmann | Jeanne & Brian Jones | Edie Moore | Kirby Myers | Jane Ray | Ed & Margaret Wyse | Yoshie Yagenrline


Audit Report, 10/8/2017

Financial Statement (and proposed budget), 9/30/2017


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