General Membership Meeting Minutes 12 October 2023

Civic Association of West Springfield Village

General Membership Meeting Minutes

12 October 2023

AttendancePresident: Jeff Fasceski, Secretary: Molly Alonzo, Website: Bob Havey, Neighborhood Watch: Jeff Carter, Village West Pool: Jen Guernsey, Members: Brad Swain, Glenn DeMarr, Bob and Carol Ray, Jane Ray, Daniel York, Lauren Fasceski, Bill and Maria Daugherty, Patty Zevallo

Not in Attendance – Vice President: Open Seat, Treasurer: Jim Womack, Membership: Open Seat, Directory: Andrea Lewis, Facebook: Wendi Dorey

A Quorum was established.  The meeting was called to order at 7:39 by President Jeff Fasceski

Minutes from Last Meeting (May 2023) – Secretary Molly Alonzo – minutes from the May meeting were approved by those who attended that meeting and can now be found on our website. Similarly, those attending this meeting and who provide their email address will be asked to review minutes from this meeting and approve them for posting.

Vice President Comments

  • The Position for Vice President is vacant and there will be an upcoming vote to fill this position.
  • A Huge Thank You!! to Bernie Koehle for his many years of taking care of our community.

Financial Report – Treasurer Jim Womack – see attached.

Executive Council Reports:

•              Membership – Open Seat

  • Thank you to Julia for ensuring all the paid members were included in the neighborhood directory.
  • We are currently accepting membership dues for the upcoming year.  The renewal fees will stay the same, at $10.00, and we are hoping to have a similar renewal membership count as last year, at 256 homes.
  • Renewal fees can be paid anytime with check or cash with the attached forms and dropped off at 6919 Vancouver Rd

•              Directory – Andrea Lewis

  • Thank you to Andrea for compiling all the data and providing the cover photo to our directory.
  • The directories have been printed and disseminated.

•              Village FaceBook Group – Wendi Dorey

  • In addition to the Facebook group, our neighborhood uses Next Door to reach the wider community.
  • At the meeting, a member asked if creating a neighborhood blog would be worthwhile, will consider this more for the next meeting.

•              Website – Bob Havey

  • Bob is keeping everything running smoothly.  The transfer between hosts and the new email address for the President is working great.

•              Neighborhood Watch – Jeff Carter

  • Reminded everyone to continue to passively watch the neighborhood to keep it safe and welcoming.
  • Everyone should store the police non-emergency phone number in their cell if anything concerning is seen.
  • Discussed inviting an officer to come out to our next meeting to give us an update on any local activity or news.

•              Village West Pool – Jen Guernsey

  • It is appreciated if we keep a passive eye on activity around the pool during these off months.
  • The pool is currently under major renovation, normally done every 20 years.  The stone, tile and plaster are getting replaced.  We are not contracting the management of the pool to an outside team; this saves our neighborhood around $25K each year.  The savings and the increased pool membership will significantly help to pay the renovation costs of $170K and our remaining mortgage of 70k due in 4 years.
  • Always happy to host community events at the pool during the summer months, just not during the opening week when the staff is starting up.

•              Weekly Enews – Jeff Fasceski

  • Jeff will continue to send out a newsletter every other week; he welcomes neighbors’ inputs and information for it.  Please send information with plenty of time to be included in the email.

New Business: 

•              Rolling Road Widening Project Update

  • The utility relocation is ongoing with the work being completed by Dominion, Verizon and Cox and is expected to be completed next fall.  Will keep everyone updated as the project progresses.
  • Our neighborhood sign at Barnack will need to be removed and restored later.  Jeff will submit the necessary paperwork and nominal payment for a new permit, will be done about 6 months prior to construction completion.

•              Ratify FY23 Audit Report - completed and attached

•              FY24 Budget (see attached).  Budget was unanimously adopted without markups.

•      Election of New Board of Directors 

  • Note: Executive Council members are appointed by the Board of Directors, no vote required
  • New Vice President is needed to help with the newsletters, welcome new neighbors, and the annual yard sale.  Nicole had volunteered in an email to Jeff Fasceski and was nominated and unanimously voted in by the members.
  • New Membership Council Member is needed.  Bob Ray volunteered to take on the job.  Bob was nominated and unanimously voted in by the members.

Adjourn – at or about 8:48PM - CAWSV President Jeff Fasceski adjourned the meeting.

Program – None

Respectfully Submitted by:

Molly Alonzo


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