Eminent Domain Legal / Rolling Road Project

Eminent Domain Legal / Rolling Road Project – Are we (CAWSV) backing another legal firm instead of the first one we included in the enews? Short answer is NO – we are not, but do want all to know that there are options, especially for those 57 RR homes who will have that roadbed move closer to their front doors. One of the lawyers (Mike Coughlin, 703/680-4664 of Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh PC) we mentioned offered his time to come to us to discuss how you could prepare for the property acquisition team. The other (Kevin DeTurris, 703/293-7235 of Blankingship & Keith) offered to take a portion of the difference between what VDOT would offer you and what they got from them as their fees. Both expressed their interest in investing in us and that in our minds should be worth mentioning in our enews.