COVID-19 Update 2/18/21

COVID-19 – All COVID-19 vaccine clinics are closed today due to the weather. Those who had an appointment for today will receive an email informing them of the cancellation. The cancellation notice will contain a link to reschedule your appointment for the upcoming week. No changes have been made to Friday appointments at this time. Read more here.

Since Thanksgiving – County has had 26,969 more confirmed cases (now up to 55,969 – about 5% of county population), 964 more hospitalized (now 3,491) and 218 more deaths (853).

Had heard that the Governor wants to extend the school year through the summer, but in Delegate Tran’s newsletter you will see that $51.1 million has actually been approved to support local school efforts to address COVID-19 learning loss, which would be used for extending the school year, summer school, tutoring, remediation and recovery, and counseling services. 

Check out more news in her newsletter. She can be reached at or 804/698-1042.

Scheduling Covid-19 Vaccinations – also taken also from Delegate Tran’s newsletter and our District Supervisor’s The Herrity Report - Virginia is now consolidating registration and scheduling for vaccinations. Fairfax County has been allowed to opt out and continue running a county specific program, at least for now. Vaccine and Registration Data Dashboard that will provide data on how our local health district is doing in getting residents COVID-19 vaccines. Also they added a Registration Status Checker will allows anyone who has registered through Fairfax County for the vaccine to confirm their registration and get a sense of where they are in the queue. 

If you are experiencing issues with the Vaccine Registration Status Checker, call the Fairfax Vaccine Call Center at 703/324-7404 between 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM.

Continue to wear a mask whenever you go out, social distance as best you can, wash your hands frequently and get vaccinated when it is offered.