COVID-19 Update 2/11/19

COVID-19 – CVS will begin Covid-19 vaccinations through a new federal program beginning tomorrow. Only one of the CVS Pharmacies in county will be administering the vaccine. I can’t find where it says which one it will be, but it is apparently fully booked already. CVS is to also follow the guidance of the Virginia Department of Health by vaccinating those is Phase 1a and 1b.

This morning we heard that people who have received the full course of COVID-19 vaccines can skip the standard 14-day quarantine after exposure to someone with the infection as long as they remain asymptomatic.

As of yesterday (10 February) and since 3 February, Fairfax County has had 1,546 more confirmed cases (53,234 total), 90 more hospitalized (3,428) due to the virus and 29 more deaths (840 to date) attributable to the virus or co-morbidity.

The number of cases in the 22152 area population increased to 1401 testing positive out of recorded 28,550 population.