Chili Cookoff 2018

Cooking the Chili

Hard at work in the kitchen.  Getting ready for competition.

Crowd Shot at the cook off

A friendly gathering at the pool to enjoy some chili.

Time to eat.

There was plenty of room at the tables to sit and eat and visit with the neighbors.

The dessert table

There had to be a dessert table.

Knight of the what?

The cook off was protected by a knight.

Mad, Really

Who could be mad at her?

Not Scary

I don't think they were trying for scary

Which Witch?

Which witch is that?

Shark and Witch

Is that shark dangerous?

Not Someone You Would Want to Run Into

This could be a problem for other trick-or-treaters.

Just Helping Out

Making sure that the Mac and Cheese is safe.

She Couldn't Bug Anyone

She will probably make a haul with her trick or treating.

Seen on the way Home

This must have been a favorite of the trick-or-treaters.