CAWSV General Membership Meeting Minutes May 11, 2023

Civic Association of West Springfield Village

General Membership Meeting Minutes

11 May 2023


Call to order and Introductions 7:40 by President Jeff Fasceski

Minutes from Last Meeting (October 2022) – Secretary Molly Alonzo

Vice President Comments – VP Bernie Koehle

Not present and no comments provided

Financial Report – Treasurer Jim Womack

Account total as of 11 May 2023- $12551.74

Two debits to date this calendar year:

  • 13 March- Image Works $558.75 for lawn care
  • 11 May- Robert Havey $200.81 for website and domain name

Executive Council Reports:

  • Membership – Julie Hale
  • Membership renewal will begin in July
  • May renew for 1, 2, or 3 years
  • Neighbors can pay via check, cash or PayPal
  • May create a google form to electronically collect information
  • Directory – Andrea Lewis
  • Andrea wasn’t able attend meeting
  • Jeff Fasceski updated members that the advertiser’s list is almost finalized; the book will head to the printers in the next few weeks.  Volunteers are needed to help with distribution
  • Village Facebook Group – Wendi Dorey
  • Wendi wasn’t able to attend meeting
  • No new Updates
  • Website – Bob Havey  
  • Website hosting moved from GoDaddy to A2 (due to Drupal versions)
  • Website will also be updated to a Drupal 10 friendly version
  • The Village News “blog” was moved off the front page
  • The domains and the email for the CAWSV president remain at GoDaddy and will cost @$80/year.
  • Bob will start a gallery showing some of the things going on with the Rolling Road widening.  At the moment, the utilities are being moved.
  • Neighborhood Watch – Jeff Carter
  • Reminded neighbors to always have a watchful eye and to greet visitors to promote an active, safe neighborhood.
  • Rolling Road Widening –
  • The current phase of moving poles, utilities and electricity will continue into Fall 2024
  • Trees will continue to come down, stumps will be grinded and power loss should be short and limited to only the houses where there is work
  • VDOT will reach out and directly contact houses to notify when power loss is expected
  • Village West Pool – Jen Guernsey
  • Membership increased significantly last year and hoping to continue this trend into this summer
  • A new cover was purchased last year to protect the pool surface during the winter months, will be used each winter for future years
  • Next major project goals are to refurbish the pool (new coping stones, tile, and plaster coat), pay off the pool mortgage, and to repave the parking lot
  • Plans to continue the very fun and busy Friday night grill dinners in June and July and the Early morning lap swim time
  • Looking for a new company to continue to provide Water Aerobics and Water Yoga.  The previous company has gone out of business
  • Currently offering volunteers $15/hour to help with pool support, earned money will go towards reducing pool membership fees

Weekly Enews: None

Old Business: None

New Business:

  • Jeff Fasceski (president) plans to produce a newsletter every 10 days and welcomes news from neighbors.
  • The Annual Community Yard Sale is scheduled for May 20th (rain date: June 3rd) from 8:00am-12:00pm. A list of addresses, items for sale at each address, and a map highlighting the houses will be created for the event.  Volunteers are needed to help post signs. All neighbors are welcome to join the event
  • Our neighborhood sign will eventually need to be moved to a better location.  The old permit needs to be found and a new one filed for the new location
  • Jeff Fasceski would like to create a Social Committee to plan monthly social events for the neighborhood.  Looking for volunteers to help with this committee
  • Mr. Swain gave a few updates about West Springfield High School
    • Prom is this Saturday (May 13) in Manassas.  The neighboring restaurants will likely be very busy
    • June 6th at 2:00 is graduation at Eagle Bank Arena.  The week prior, seniors visit their elementary schools wearing their caps and gowns
    • June 16th is the last day of school
    • The High School track and stadium will be closed for resurfacing from 15 May through late August.  Please consider a new temporary location for walks and runs
    • Another record enrollment is expected this September at WSHS raising the total population to 2,650 students.  The recent reconstruction at the school allowed for 2,200 students to attend.  So far, temporary classrooms are not expected on the campus

Adjourn: 8:20 pm – CAWSV President Jeff Fasceski

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