All-American Eyeglass Repair

My glasses slipped off. and I made a nice catch.  Unfortunately when I caught the glasses I broke one of the temples.  I took the glasses back to where I got them and was told that the parts to fix them were no longer available.  They did, however refer me to All-American.  Once I found the shop in the back of a building next to a palm reader.  The owner explained that he would have to grind the piece down put a drop of solder on it and solder the whole mess back together.  I stood there saying uh-huh during the explanation, not because I didn't understand, but because my fingers could never do that, even with robotic aid.

20 minutes later I had my glasses back and you wiould never know that they had been broken.

All American Eyeglass Repair

6801 Richmond Highway

Suite 201

Alexandria, VA 22306



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All-American Eyeglass Repair
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