Village News, 6/4/20

COVID-19 Update, Accessory Dwelling Units and Home-Based Businesses, Recycling in Fairfax County, Switching Utilities Providers, Library Curbside Service, Record Low Mortgage Rates, 6th Grade Car Parade, Birth Announcement, Theft and Vandalism, American Trash Disposal Service Offer, 2020 Village Directories, 4th of July Flag Pride, Village Angels


Village News, 5/28/20

COVID-19 Update; Local Creek and Forest Dangers; Springfield Town Center at Risk; Beware Switching Utilities Providers; American Trash Disposal Service Offer; Girl Scouts; WSHS Class of 2020 Celebration; ISO - Basketball Hoop; Happy Anniversary! Thank You for Your Service!

Village News, 5/21/20

Slow Down!, Crime in the Village, Dogs & the Law, 22152 Real Estate Market Report, Village Owned / Operated Businesses, American Trash Disposal Service Offer, Village Meeting, FY2021 Dues Set, COVID-19 Update, Accessory Dwelling Units & Home – Based Businesses (HEAD’S UP!), ECHO Food Donations, Chuy’s Tex-Mex, 2011 Jeep Compass For Sale, Village Teenager Willing to Work, Wanting to Help, Happy Birthday!

Village News, 5/7/20

County Budget Markup, Glass Recycling, Missed Yard Waste Collections, COVID-19 Stories, Accessory Dwelling Unit Proposal, Home Based Business Proposal, COVID-19 Update, ECHO Food Drive, Nice Looking Yard, Donations Needed, CAWSV Membership Meeting, Volunteers Ready to Help as needed.

Village News, 4/30/20

Don't drink the Disinfectant, Community Involvement, Donations Needed, Live Oak Mother's Day Brunch, RE Property Assessments, Village Residents' Owned/Operated Businesses, Random Acts of Kindness, Covig-19 Update, Free Day Lilies, Appliance Repair, Membership Meeting 14 May, Need Help?

Village News, 4/23/20

ADU and Home-based businesses, RE Tax Increase, Rolling Road Property Acquisition, COVIG - 19 Update, Live Oak Mother's Day Delivery Plan, Rice&Spice, Chick Fil-A, Contractor Recommendation, Happy Birthday, Free Day Lilies, Need Help?, Essential Personnel